Three Top Drink Causes for Stained Teeth

What is Causing Your Teeth to Stain?

As you get older, your teeth are more prone to changing its colour. When your teeth lose their natural whiteness, they undergo a process called tooth discolouration. Tooth discolouration can be caused by numerous factors, but there are some that you’d be surprised stains.

“We have food and drinks in our diets that a lot of us consume a lot on a daily basis; however we may not be aware of the long-lasting effects it has on our teeth.”

A dental implant is a perfect solution for missing or severly damaged teeth. We’ve researched three beverages that can affect and stain your teeth.

1) Tea & Coffee

Tea & coffee are highly popular hot beverages in the UK. However, due to their tannin content, they are prone to causing lasting discolouration on your teeth. Tea is more likely to stain pearly white teeth because of its increased tannin content.

Brushing your teeth regularly can help decrease the amount of tannin left in and around your teeth. Green and herbal teas have a reduced amount of tannin too, but not completely.

2) Red Wine

Red wine is one of the most common causes of tooth discolouration. Red wine contains pigments called chromogens. Because of the surface of the tooth, the enamel isn’t perfectly smooth, red wine and the pigmentation from it can settle and stain cracks and irregularities.

A common solution for avoiding ‘Red Wine Teeth’ is drinking a glass of water to rinse your mouth. This can help wash out any pigmentation left by the wine whilst keeping you hydrated as you drink.

3) Coke

Out of the top three drinks we’ve highlighted, coke is by far the most destructive one. The dark compound in coke is absorbed by your tooth’s enamel which causes brown and/or yellow discolouration. The acidy substance in the drink can also cause tooth erosion.

Coke isn’t good for your diet and if you can, you should try to live without it. However, if you can’t, try using a straw. This will prevent the coke from hitting the majority of your teeth.

Have you already lost a teeth due to your diet? A dental implant might be the ideal missing tooth solution you’re looking for.