Cosmetic Treatment Options available from Our Partners

Semi - permanent Makeup

Cosmetic makeup tattoos have increased in popularity over the years. The latest technologies available lead to new techniques, like eyebrow microblading, resulting in beautiful, natural looking brows like never before.

There are a range of treatment options:

  • Subtle or dramatic eyeliner
  • Lip liner and / or full shading
  • Brow shaping and filling

Many celebrities like Megan Fox and Cara Delevigne are known for their signature eyebrows. Get the look.

Botox Treatments

Botox injections boost that you get rid of the wrinkles of your face, however for how long. Some people suggest that you will have to do a touch up after three to four months and some people that have some kind of Botox training will tell you that this is a temporary condition that will go away after three to four months and you will have to think on getting the whole procedure done once again.

Of course, it is important to understand as to how the Botox injection actually functions. This is a chemical that will stop the normal functions of the muscle in that area and that will make the muscle relaxed and the skin in the area will look smoother.

However, this is not good for all kind of skin types and also you will have to realize that it may not be good for all areas of your face as well.It is very important to be able to get all the information in regards to Botox treatment from a person that has received the Botox training required to understand how it works and the side effects of this treatment.

Rhinoplasty: Nose Cosmetic Surgery

Due to the unique properties of everyone’s nose with the most important qualification for finding the right surgeon for your nose cosmetic surgery is; experience. Experience is the only way for a surgeon to best handle an unexpected nose reshaping situation as well as knowing what methods will best accomplish your nose reshaping goals.

Experience can be established and verified by investigating the level of 2 primary credentials.

The first credential to delve into is the level of education. The term education goes beyond the actual academic arena of certification but to literal field work specifically in the area of nose cosmetic surgery. The formal aspect of education should include aggressive cutting edge training under well respected surgeons or facilities that have recognized for their teaching practices.

The second credential to verify experience is photographic evidence of previous work. Many surgeons will post visual examples of their work on their business website. If one is not available be sure to ask at the initial consult to either view photo’s or request phone numbers of the surgeon’s previous patience. Though pictures are good, a personal chat with someone is also a solid way to build confidence in the surgeon being interviewed.

Most reputable nose cosmetic offices will have a file of clients who have given prior permission to use their results as examples or are willing to receive a phone call from an interested party.