Electric Toothbrushes: Are They the Best for Braces?

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Good oral hygiene is a very important part of orthodontic treatment, although it can become a challenge due to food being trapped around the brace, as well as the brace itself being an obstruction to mechanical brushing.

A randomised controlled trial was carried out to access the efficacy of toothbrush treatments on plaque removal in orthodontic patients.

This was carried out on 45 adolescent and young adult patients wearing  fixed orthodontic appliances,  using 3 toothbrushes;  an Oral B oscillating-rotating electric toothbrush with an orthodontic head, the same electric toothbrush with a standard head on it and a regular manual toothbrush.

The results of the trial showed that both the electric toothbrushes removed more plaque than the manual toothbrush. However the electric toothbrush with the orthodontic head removed significantly more plaque than the electric toothbrush with a standard head on it.

Thus showing that the Oral B Triumph oscillation-rotating electric toothbrush with a specially designed orthodontic brush head is far superior and the most effective method of removing plaque, helping patients maintain good oral hygiene throughout their orthodontic treatment.

See more information on this study.

Thinking about getting braces?

There are many factors to think about when getting braces for example, what type of brace is most suitable for you. This could be Invisalign, lingual braces, fixed and six month braces.

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