How the hell did I get so damn obsessed about teeth?

Back in my young ages I did not care too much about oral health. AND the worst problem was that my parents gave it a shit too. I AM VERY MAD AT THEM because of this. They let me brush my own teeth when I was small, and never ever checked me. As a small kid you don’t understand the importance of a good brush. I just had a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, brushed my teeth (at most) twice a day, morning and evening and THAT was it. I did not even care about missing some of the brushing occasions or eating some candies or chocolate after brushing my teeth in the evenings. On the other hand I ave not even heard of floss or fluoride either.

As far as I can remember, my parents had very bad teeth, I recall my father with black and missing front teeth and both my parents with loose teeth at their late thirties already. This terrified me somehow, and that was the point when I got obsessed with my own oral hygiene.

At that time I had a bunch of holes (cavities) already in several of my teeth and by the age of 18 I had to have one of my teeth removed (pulled out). So I decided not to end up there where my parents were, so I tried to overcome my fear of THE DENTIST and started to visit a dentist. I got all of my teeth filled and fixed and since then I’ve been going there recently, even for check-ups without any reason.

Now I know that your oral situation does not only depend on the genes transfered from your parents (if they had bad teeth, you tend to have them too) but on the fact how you take care of them during your life.

I read a lot about oral care, simple and cosmetic dental procedures, filtering out everything valuable to apply on myself and my kids. I try making the oral situation better for my friends and family members as well by giving them advices, but they don’t seem to listen to me, everyone has this huge fear of dentist, and when they react it is most usually too late.

You can not imagine how much you can do for your teeth just by using floss once a day before going to bed!!! So if you are interested in my ramblings about oral hygiene, keep reading my blog, and I promise, I’ll try to give you some important information and relevant issues that are free of medical expresses and easy to read.


4 thoughts on “How the hell did I get so damn obsessed about teeth?

  1. We just had this big meltdown from my son who said brushing teeth is boring and a waste of time (!). I went and showed him google images of dental caries… and hopefully now he will take his brushing more seriously and not whine and go on and on about it!
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    • Well, THAT was a good idea I think. How did he react? I admit that I sometimes “shock” my kids too with stories or images just for them to understand that something is being dangerous and why we should or should not do things. I have to say that there are so many young kids with a lot of caries in their teeth around me, and I find it rather shocking every single time I see one. Also I get this anger against the parents, they are ruining the kid’s oral health and teeth for their life by not taking care of them properly (they don’t seem to mind those black front teeth at all). It is truly upsetting.
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