A mid-aged chick about cosmetic dentistry

Wisdom teeth – Is it wise of me to have them removed?

I knew that this day sooner or later I would end up here, having this huge decision to make. Shall I choose the wisdom tooth removal procedure or not?

I have had problems with my wisdom teeth for a long time now, generally I would say since I became 25 years old. I am not sure if this was the time I got wise (hehe), but by that time my wisdom teeth started to grow out of nothing, giving me huge wisdom tooth pain. I was in pain, my jaws hurt and I experienced sharp pain in the meat around the wisdom tooth that was in the growing process at that time.


By that time I was desperately seeking for some natural wisdom tooth pain relief, but I always ended up using mouth rinse water with some kind of local pain killer effect. Having wisdom teeth pain was ruining my days big time to be honest, I was unable to eat or even talk. I was desperate to find pain relief. I knew that these were typical wisdom tooth symptoms, but I was so afraid of going to the dentist!


I have read that poor alignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or even the nerves! Partially erupted wisdom teeth can also lead to tooth decay and gum disease because their hard-to-reach location makes brushing and flossing difficult. This freaks me out totally! I Googled on some pictures to, I.AM.IN.SHOCK. LITERALLY!


The other thing that upsets me is the unwanted outcomes of the wisdom teeth removal. I am so stupid, I shouldn’t have searched on this topic at all. Swollen cheeks, broken wisdom teeth during surgery is very common and they lead to more complicated surgical procedures, but damages of the jaw bone, nerve and tissue damages can happen too.  What if I choose the wisdom tooth extraction and I suffer nerve damages, making me unable to chew or talk properly for the rest of my life????? Or if the wisdom teeth extraction gives me a hole in my cheek? Surprisingly I read about that too…. :( Oh, man.

A single wisdom tooth extraction cost more than a normal tooth extraction, because it needs special preparations and it is done in a surgical seat involving at least 2-3 persons (dentists, nurses) at a time in order to be able to prepare for some unwanted events, such as bleeding or any kind of extraction difficulties. So that is why the cost of wisdom teeth removal is higher and the operation must be planned carefully in advance.

A year ago the meat around my wisdom teeth became white and irritated. It seemed to be in the way every time I closed my mouth. SO that is why my dentist offered to remove them. But I am hesitating. And I so can tell you that it is not the wisdom teeth removal cost that is stopping me. It is the risks. Would you take these risks? Do you usually look for the risks of a medicine or a surgery?