A mid-aged chick about cosmetic dentistry

Sensitive teeth – why is it such a sensitive topic?

People don’t talk about their sensitive teeth. What’s even worse, they do not do much about it. There are so many of us suffering from this, I never thought that sensitive teeth causes discomfort and pain for my close family members. Why are people suffer and not talk to someone about their problem?


I used to have quite a miserable life for a short period. My teeth became sensitive to food, cold or warm beverages and the meat around some of my teeth suffered from inflammation.  This basically happened after I got crowns for two of my teeth at the same time.

Having them filed for a week and living a normal life was such a pain for me. I hoped that after I receive my crowns, the pain would disappear instantly. I was wrong. having these very sensitive teeth, ruined my daily life. I could not eat or smile.

Then I decided to search the Internet (as I am addicted to all kind of dental news anyways), and learned a lot, facts and sensitive tooth remedies (even home remedies) that I couldn’t imagine before. In one of my previous posts you can read about some of my experiences about sensitive teeth treatment.

Having sensitive teeth after filling is not unusual either, usually the filling makes tooth sensitive to heat or cold, but normally the sensitivity disappears after some weeks.

As teeth whitening could lead to sensitive teeth too, I am not sure that I would let my teeth getting bleached ever. :)

This is what I do to cure and to avoid getting sensitive teeth again. I have spread this information across my family and friends, and some of them had already said that it worked for him/her. I give you the product names I use as well. (I am not sure if this counts as advertisement, but I am satisfied with them.)

  • I floss after every meal.


  • I use a toothpaste that contains both fluor and vitamine A.


  •  I brush my teeth twice a day (morning and evening) using my ultra soft toothbrush. During the day I rely on dental floss.


  • I rinse with a mouth water especially made for sensitive teeth.








I had wondered a lot about the causes of sensitive teeth, and came to a point to realize that any kind of dental intervention can make your teeth sensitive. Before the dentist fills your tooth, some drilling is necessary and with that your tooth is damaged, some nerves may get disclosed, and no matter that they fill it immediately, you find yourself worrying: – Why is my tooth sensitive to cold or heat?

But you should remember, most of the time, there is a cure for sensitive teeth, no matter how much you already given up hope. In case my advices don’t help, you should go and see a dentist, I am pretty sure that the causes of your condition is most likely treatable or at least manageable throughout your life.


Do you have experiences with sensitive teeth remedies? Please, share them!