A mid-aged chick about cosmetic dentistry

Root canal treatment – What is so controversial about it?

So why am I asking this?

Obviously because I have done root canal filling twice already despite my “young” age.  By the time the dentist told me that it can not be avoided, I just accepted her opinion and received root canal fillings. But now I hear more and more about avoiding the root canal procedure as long as it is possible. Maybe my root canal retreatment was not such a good idea after all?

Here are some facts:

  • What is a root canal? A dental root canal is the space within the root of a tooth that consists of the pulp chamber.



  • Why is this root canal surgery needed? In case you develop some kind of root canal symptoms such as great pain upon chewing, sensitivity to cold or warm, tenderness or swelling or pimple on the gum, you might need to undergo the root canal process as it can be a sign for a tooth root infection.


  • What is root canal treatment? In case of root canal problems, the procedure involves removing inflamed or damaged tissue from inside a tooth and cleaning, filling and sealing the remaining space with a material that prevents bacteria from re-entering. At the next appointment, the temporary filling will be replaced with a permanent filling or crown. This “beautiful” tool is used for pulp removal:


  • Does a root canal hurt? In case the dental root canal treatment is performed carefully, you’ll only suffer pain from local anesthetic injection before the procedure.


  • How much is root canal therapy? The cost of root canal treatment is usually higher than an ordinary tooth filling because the dentist only uses a temporary filling after the tooth root removal, and after some weeks of a healing period, the tooth must be filled with some final composite material. In general we can say that the root canal treatment cost is approx. the double of what an ordinary filling would cost. A lot of people think that the root canal price is high like hell, but it is relieving to know that the “frightening” root canal costs less than we first would think at least.



They claim that this one is a neat picture of a human pulp, but I just find it nasty.






This is a discolored front tooth after the root canal.



You shouldn’t have any problem finding a good root canal specialist in London, as there are so many of them there, although the root canal prices may vary on a larger scale. Root canal dentistry is not a special department, it can be performed by any dentist really, you won’t need to look for a “root canal dentist” or a “root canal specialist”. :D

So here is what I think: A tooth without its pulp is like a tree without its roots that eventually darkens and dries out. Now I am even more confused and scared. What have I done? Am I exposed to all those root canal complications now? I am scared despite the dentists claim that although the pulp is removed, the tooth remains alive, nourished by surrounding bond and gum tissues. Well-well, we’ll see about that. :(



Have you ever had a root canal? Do you have any recommendations on where to have the root canal treatment procedure done in London?

Have you experienced any discoloration of the tooth? Did you ever needed to replace the tooth canal filling due to unexpected root canal pain?